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“When I can create one thing and make millions, why will I want to make a hundred substandard ones and make the same amount”  – Alexander Amosu

It’s a rather curious move for one to be opening shop and not be intending to sell. But that is basically what Mr. Alexander Amosu, erudite businessman and designer of some of the world’s most expensive luxury products is about doing. He is launching the Alexander Amosu line of luxury products in Nigeria without the primary intention of selling them or making profit.
What type of profit could he really make in Nigeria after designing the world’s most expensive suit and blackberry which are worth 70, 000 pounds and 140, 000 pounds respectively and getting listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records? Yes, what kind of profit could he really make in a country where the Naira equivalents of the mentioned products (approximately N36, 500 000 for the suit and N60, 000 000, respectively)? What is the rationale behind such a move when he can boast of clients among the richest and most glamorous people in the world?
Alexander is coming home. In case you haven’t noticed, his last name is Amosu and that is a Nigerian name. He is a Yoruba from Abeokuta. “My father is from Abeokuta,” he tells me in a thick British accent, “and my mother is from Ikorodu.” He was born in London and has never been to those places before. His last visit to Nigeria was in 2008 during the TV Reality Show, Dragon’s Den, which he had a stake in. This was after a 16-year absence.
“I am coming home to establish. I need to connect with Nigerians,” he says excitedly, but his tone almost immediately falls. “There are a lot of successful Nigerians in the UK that can’t come to Nigeria,” he states matter-of-factly. “They say that there are a lot of bad things happening in Nigeria; that there are armed robbers, kidnappers and that there’s no safety here. They hear all the negative things people are telling us for us not to home back but I believe that the more we come back home with the exposure, experience and wealth, we have garnered from around the world, the more we’ll be able to make Nigeria better.” Picking up enthusiasm again, he continues: “I am coming because I want to celebrate the fact that I am successful all over the world and I am selling to international stars and I want Nigerians to be able to say that this is one of their own.”
“So when I meet people in the UK and they tell me that Nigerians are fraudsters, I will tell them No! We don’t do fraud; we are doing successful things. Go and check for my name in the Guinness Book Of World Records. Do you see any fraud there?

Nigerians are doing successful things all over the world and we have to start coming back home. I am hoping that if I am here, people would say that if Alexander Amosu can be there, then I too can be there. Why would Nigeria not be like or even better than London?” he asks. We need to come back and build our own country and the way to start is by each of us coming back and saying that this is what I have done.” Then picking up the thread of the suit again, he adds: “I don’t need to sell my suit here. People are buying my stuff all over the world and I don’t need to sell it here. Moreover there are just four of them in the world and I just want to bring it to Nigeria and show my people that this is what I have done.”
But there are so many other things in his line of luxury products. The bespoke world’s most expensive suit is just one of them. The suits start from 3, 500 pounds and there are a range of other luxury products including belts, ties, shirts, cufflinks and so on. But what makes this one suit so special that it has to sell for that price? “The suit is made with gold and platinum thread. It is made from rare materials such as Vicuna wool, which can only be shorn once every three years from the South American camelid, and Qiviut wool, gathered from the Arctic muskoxen,” he explains. “It takes a minimum of 80 hours to complete each suit and this will include over 5000 individual stitches. Our professional tailors, each with no less than a 21-year experience visit the client wherever he is in the world to take his measurement after which work would commence. An Alexander Amosu suit is not just a suit, but a lifestyle: the purchase of the suit includes a 1-hour flight by private jet to anywhere in the world by Cloud9, 1-year free wealth management from Cheviot Asset Management and a 24 hr Global Concierge service.”
Being just 34 years old and placing a demanding a minimum requirement of 21 years experience from the tailors of his suits, I asked him why and he replied thus: “Because you are dealing with the world’s most expensive suit, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. And who says there are no spaces for the young and talented?” he asked. They are the ones that provide most of the ideas and vision which the tailors work on. But I’m not gonna risk having a rookie tailor ruin such a job. There are spaces for the youth but first, I have to build my brand, then develop the younger generation through different projects and ideas and when they are ready take over from the older ones, they move in. But on this particular job, there are no spaces for mistakes and we don’t take unnecessary risks.”
Then I again asked the reason for only making materials for the rich and not producing cheaper ones to sell to a larger number of the masses. To explain his reason, Alexander asked for my phone, a NOKIA 1202, which he placed beside one of his diamond encrusted blackberries. “For argument sake, let’s say your phone is worth ten pounds and mine 5000 pounds,” he tells me. “How long do you think it would take me to sell your phone at its price to get to 5000 pounds?” he amusingly asks me. “How many of your phone do I have to sell to get to 5000 pounds?”


THIS account is coming from a facebook user, Barrister Onwukaike Paschal, a vendor was caught washing the cucumber he sold to the public with Urine somewhere around Federal Housing estate Umuguma Owerri, Imo State.
He was allegedly seen urinating inside a bottle and using it to wash the cucumber he displayed for sale on his wheelbarrow, unknown to him some people were watching – and then the approached him and angrily made him drink the contents.
cucumber, Urine
Onwukaike Paschal Wrote:
‘This man was caught spraying his urine on the cucumber he was selling and was forced by the mob to drink it and also eat the cucumber it took him over 20minutes before he accepted to drink it. Be careful what you buy from these vendors.’

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 Some people seem to be asking this question everyday,like who really are these people called Biafran.Where are they really from and so on and so forth.well,we have got the answer here.
Igbos in local costume
Eri, the father of all Igbos, who hailed from Israel was the fifth son of Gad, the seventh son of Jacob (Genesis 46:15-18 and Numbers 26:16:18).  He migrated from Egypt with a group of companions just before the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt many centuries ago. They traveled by water and finally arrived at the confluence point of Ezu and Omambala (Anambra) Rivers known as Agbanabo, located in present-day Aguleri, where, according to oral tradition, it was spiritually or divinely revealed to Eri that Agbanabo (i.e the confluence point of Ezu and Omambala Rivers) was to be their final destination and settlement. They moved into the hinterland and settled in the present-day Aguleri but the settlement wasn’t known as Aguleri at that time. Meanwhile, Eri lived and died at Aguleri.
Agulu was the eldest son of Eri who took over from his father after Eri’s demise.
As the population around Eri’s compound at Aguleri increased, and in combination with other factors, some children of Eri and their descendants left Aguleri and founded various other settlements that Igbos occupy today. However, Agulu, the first son, remained in their father’s home at Aguleri with his own descendants.
Agulu, fondly called Agulu-Nwa-Eri, appended the name of their father, Eri, to his name and founded Agulu-Eri (Aguleri) by calling the settlement where his father Eri died and he (Agulu) lived AGULERI.
Menri was one of Agulu’s siblings that left their father’s house. He (Menri) settled at a big forest, where he engaged in hunting and farming, while also performing his spiritual work like other Eri’s children. Menri called his settlement Agu-Ukwu (Nri).
When Menri was getting very old, he told his children to take him back to his ancestral home, as he would not want to die outside his father’s home. Menri was brought back to Aguleri, where he died and was buried. His grave is still marked at Okpu, in Ivite Aguleri, till this day. There is no other grave site of Menri, the founder of Nri, anywhere else in Igbo land, even in Nri itself, except in Aguleri.
It is also a known fact that, by tradition, no other Igbo man would break the kolanut where an Aguleri man is present, except with his permission. This is in deference to the fact that Agulu (Aguleri) was the eldest child Eri.
In fulfillment of the age-long traditional rites for kingship in certain Igbo communities like Nri, every Igwe-elect, must  visit Aguleri accompanied by a delegation from his community, all of whom will spend seven days in Aguleri visiting sacred places, paying homage and making sacrifices to certain deities/shrines.

Agbanabo, in the oral tradition of Eri clan is not just  any place ‘where two rivers meet’. It has great spiritual significance, because it was at this point that Eri had a divine revelation that they had reached their ordained place of settlement.   Members of Eri clan, therefore, have a strong spiritual attachment to Agbanabo. And this has made it an important and mandatory feature in the coronation rites of the people of Eri clan.
The visit an Igwe-elect, with his people to Aguleri, including the places he’ll go to, making sacrifices and paying homage to certain deities/shrines, can be well captured in a video coverage these days. All such videos are available in Aguleri archives for anyone who cares to see and is interested in knowing the truth.


 That the igbos have been given a deadline to vacate all part of the North is no longer the news.what is trending now is really what the fathers of the North have to say about the threat to the existence of the igbos in their domain,read on..

Sultan Of Sokoto Who Controls Almost 85 Percent Oil Block Suffers Terrible Heart Attack, As Niger Delta Militants Give The North 3-Months Notice To Return All Oil Blocks, Or ……

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar, has finally broken his silence on the quit notice order given by a coalition of Northern Arewa youths.

Speaking when he hosted Leaders of resident communities, Heads of Security Agencies, Civil Society Groups, and Media Practitioners, to a Ramadan breakfast dinner at his Palace in Sokoto, the Monarch maintained that no matter the call for secession, Nigerians would remain one big family.

His words: “No matter what anybody can say, no matter what is happening, we are still one big family.
“Let’s sit down, discuss these issues. So that together we can find out what really went wrong. Let us retrace our steps and see where we started getting things wrong, so that we can find the way of sorting things out.

“It is a simple thing, because we are all eager to live in peace, united, and to have a morally upright country, based on justice, equity, and above all, fear of God.

“I am totally disappointed over what is happening. I like challenges, and we are in a challenging period, and we will take it up. We will continue preaching love, impartiality, respect, and unity, in the country.”

Urging Nigerians to shun suspicion and respect one another, the Sultan called on elders to caution their youths.

He said: “If you see your son misbehaving and decide to keep quiet, it means you are supporting him, because no father wants to see his son going astray, without doing anything.”

He added: “We don’t have to resort to uncomplimentary remarks or violence to make our demands heard, because insecurity doesn’t help anybody. No violence pays anybody, or resolves any problem.

“We should stop looking down on others, unless we want to lift them up. We should understand ourselves and respect one another.”


This is shocking! Following the failure of Etisalat Nigeria to pay up its loan amounting N541 billion, a bunch of banks, led by Access Bank PLC and other Nigerian and foreign banks  have taken over the management of Etisalat NG effective from June 15th 2017.

Etisalat obtained the loans from 13 banks in 2013 which are; Guaranty Trust Bank, Access Bank, FCMB, Ecobank, Union bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Zenith Bank, UBA, Fidelity Bank, First Bank and other banks, to refinance its previous debt of $650 million in order to continue its network roll-out across the country.

Premium Times reported that, Etisalat didn’t meet up with the deadline given to them hence the effort of Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services, EMTS falls on deaf hears since they couldn’t reach precise agreement.

EMTS Holding BV, has up to June 23 to complete the transfer of 100 percent of the company’s shares in Etisalat to the United Capital Trustees Limited, the legal representative of the consortium of banks.

Etisalat Group, the parent company of Etisalat Nigeria has already announced the takeover  on Tuesday in a filing to the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate.

Etisalat has been under pressure since the beginning of 2016 following the demand notice for the recovery of a $1.72 billion (about N541.8 billion) loan facility it obtained from a consortium of banks in 2015.

The current economy recession lastly nailed down the Etisalat NG, my most concern now is about their staffs… This is not good news at all!
Posted: 21 Jun 2017 03:29 AM PDT
Grand Theft Auto V is an action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is one of the most toughest and most popular action game that has been available for quite some years now.

Like other editions of Grand Theft Auto, GTA V, Visa 2 comes with different weapons to select from. Though weapons are acquired after completing some missions or task. Additionally GTA V, Visa 2 Cheats can also be applied to get weapons without stress.

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You can also take part in Ninja actions by exploring streets, taking part in gun fights with gangsters and police with the help of different types of weapons, committing robberies, breaking traffic rules, use of helicopters, sports cars and other machinery.

Features of GTA V, Visa 2
★ Wide Range of Weapons: In this game (GTA V -Visa 2) You can select from different weapons; guns, machine guns, knives, sword, chainsaw etc.
Big City: One thing I have always admired about GTA games is the large view (cities) when playing this game. You get to different environments with different lifestyle making this game more fun
★ Various Vehicles: You get to use different types of cars like Sport cars, Super bike, Police cars, Helicopter etc.

★ Handy System of controls: Controls are now redesigned for smooth experience.

System Requirement
★ Android Smartphone with at least 1GB RAM, more than 3GB free space in SDcard
★ Android v4.0 Kitkat and above

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